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We provide a fast and efficient garden makeover service, cosmetic landscaping such as lighting or mirrors can give your garden a new lease of life. We specialize in low maintenance container planting to provide your garden with an instant lift. We can returf your lawn as well as pressure wash hard surfaces. We are fully trained to carry out skilled garden tasks of formative shrub pruning, training climbers and dividing herbaceous perennials.

Two day rejuvenation

This extremely overgrown and neglected garden was in need of an overhaul. The clients wanted to increase their chances of renting it out. In just 2 days the garden was transformed at a fraction of the price of a re-design. We cut back, pruned and shaped the overgrown trees and shrubs, re-trained the climbers and pressure washed the patio. Borders were weeded and covered with a thick layer of mulch to prevent further weeds. The existing lawn was removed, dug over and re-turfed and their existing pots were planted with low maintenance Skimmia, Hydrangea and Cordylines.

Brightening a shady courtyard

The client's primary aim was to inject some light and space into this dark and shady town garden. First we replaced the tired earth with fresh top soil and dug in well rotted organic matter. To create a sense of space, a bespoke mirror to fit within an elegant green arched trellis was mounted on the freshly painted white walls, the existing clematis was retrained to weave around the mirror. Armour cabled uplighters were connected and concealed in the borders. Once lit at dusk, the plant's shadows add drama to the garden as well as providing a cosy atmosphere for dining and entertaining. Finally, the size of the garden increased further when the slippery moss covered patio was pressure washed to reveal the lovely original Yorkstone.