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The Lime Lido

This south-facing, tiered townhouse garden design was inspired by our client's memories of childhood visits to the lido. They envisaged a contemporary yet retro bright outdoor area with smooth lines and soft curves

Alongside the light limestone patio we created a raised planter with a wide boundary wall to double as a seating area when entertaining. The height is suitable for their young daughter to join the garden fun (and cultivate green fingers), with child friendly plants including sunflowers, cherry tomatoes and herbs.

Curved steps lead up to a circular lawn with round stepping stones to accentuate the shape. Surrounding borders have been planted with Cortaderia selloana 'Pumilio', Knifophi, and pennisetum to compliment the bright retro theme. The third level is constructed of hardwood decking with an 'Orange Pod' tree house set in an established eucalyptus from which a slide shoots back to the lawn below

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